Beauty & the Blend

On shelves are cucumber & mint, wine & cheese, coffee & cinnamon – is this an eatery? Ruman Qamar steps in to discover…


Tucked away in a corner at Convent Street in Richmond Town is The Blend Room – a space where you can embrace the natural and eco-friendly alternative route to beauty. The spa thrives on the concept of offering handmade blends of kitchen elements for a natural, effective and nourishing experience. One-of-a-kind, for sure.

The Blend Room has an English-style decor with soothing white brick walls, large size mirrors and photo frames holding up abstract art. What grabs my attention is an array of mason jars filled with creams, scrubs, lotions and masks. On the opposite shelf, are a number of attractive pastel-coloured tins with floral designs labelled dark chocolate, almonds, grated coconut, apricots and oats. Looking at these, you get a feeling you’re standing in a candy shop – very far from the regular ‘spa experience’.DSC_0200_271

I meet Aditi Sirdeshpande, the brainchild behind The Blend Room, and we get talking. She explains: “I worked as a senior research executive at L’Oréal India (research and innovation) in Mumbai. That’s when it struck me… What if you were given a choice to choose the ingredients that go into a ‘beauty bottle’ or get to see the process of mixing happening in front of you? One thing led to another and The Blend Room was born.”DSC_0204_273

A Mumbaikar at heart, Aditi moved to Bangalore a few months ago and instead of getting back to work with the beauty brand, she decided to give shape to The Blend Room. “Bangalore has a wide mix of people with different preferences. Keeping in mind the cosmopolitan nature of the city, I have whipped up delicious concoctions to suit different hair and skin types.”

At The Blend Room, Aditi gives a delicious new twist to the age-fashioned grandma’s tips for beautiful skin and hair. She stocks up natural ingredients that everyone has in their kitchen or grows in the home garden: green tea, banana, hibiscus, papaya, avocado, cherry tomatoes to name a few. Blends of such elements are given interesting names: Tropical Pulp, Fresh Flush, Citric Infusion, Mish Mash, Blush Puree…

After looking at my hair and skin, Aditi recommends Bubbled Brew treatment for my dry hair and the Caffeine Crush (sounds like names of smoothies!) ritual for my skin. The hair procedure starts with an oil massage – the therapist used a blend of oils – coconut, olive and tea tree to moisturise my scalp. After a relaxing massage and steam, freshly brewed, local beer is sprayed on my hair concentrating on the roots. It helps in conditioning and promoting hair growth. This is followed by a hair mask of fatty alcohol and silicone and a hair wash.

I was then whisked away into a room for my Caffeine Crush facial – a mixture of freshly ground coffee beans and cinnamon sticks. The therapist cleansed my skin with a moisturiser and then exfoliated it with a scrub – a blend of cream, cinnamon and brown sugar. (You can choose fresh cream, honey or milk as a base for the scrub.) She then sprayed freshly brewed coffee (room temperature) on my skin. (The aroma was magical and very unusual for a spa… I was transported back to a holiday in a coffee estate in Coorg). This was followed by a massage with a machine for the coffee to seep into my skin. The therapist then applied a coffee-based cream and gave me a gentle relaxing face massage. Coffee has anti-acne properties and cinnamon helps
in unclogging pores. She finished the ritual with a simple clay-base
mask. There was a tangible difference in what I saw in the mirror before and after the treatment: My skin was glowing! And my hair had never felt this good, or looked so bouncy, healthy and shiny.

The Blend Room offers beauty rituals for weak hair, hair fall, chemically treated hair and dandruff; for skin, they have therapies and rituals for radiance and glow, hydration, tan removal, and anti-ageing. Apart from these wholesome therapies, you can
also opt for the ‘maintenance rituals’ of manicure, pedicure, waxing and bleaching.


Aditi stocks up natural ingredients that everyone has in their kitchen or grows in the home garden: green tea, banana, hibiscus, papaya, avocado, cherry tomatoes to name a few. Blends of such elements are given interesting names like Tropical Pulp, Mish Mash and Blush Purée

The Blend Room, Premises No. 1, Richmond Place, No 29, Opp Gold’s Gym, Convent Street, Bangalore

Call: 080 41712300 
+91 9820518662

Price for rituals:
` 999 onwards



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