Time for a Snack Change

Try this deliciously refreshing way to fill up on some goodness. Cold press juices packed with vitamins, antioxidants, enzymes and other nutrients are the way to go. Ruman Qamar brings you a report on what these juices are all about and takes a look at one of the latest players in this segment: Rejoov Cold Pressery

How it all began

The idea of Rejoov was conceptualised during a conversation over coffee, between three girlfriends in a cafe. They shared a common passion for health and nutrition and wanted to design a product to provide nutrition on the go. Dr Anju Sood – a nutritionist, Anu Berry, a fitness enthusiast, and Angie Mahtaney, a businesswoman, understood the need-gap in the market, and Rejoov Cold Pressery was born.

Cold pressed juices: what are they?

Juices extracted using the hydraulic press technology are called cold press juices. Unlike the traditional centrifugal method, this technology eliminates generation of heat and exposure of the product to air. This prevents loss of nutrition and creates a nutrient-dense product.

Using this technology, ­Rejoov produces seven different flavoured juices in specific categories – Weight Watch, Green Infusion, Pure Defense, Ever Youth, Nut Pro, Hydra Flush and Forti Fire. Each 100 ml bottle contains a blend of vegetable and fruit juices that is 100% raw, gluten and chemical free, with no added sugar, flavours or preservatives. Since, no preservatives are added; the juices have a short shelf-life of only three days.

Expert talk

Dr Anju Sood, with over 25 years of experience as a nutritionist, points out, “There are limited options for the health conscious in the snack segment. You may follow a strict diet throughout the day, but when it comes to eating in-between meals, that’s when we go wrong.” Rejoov caters to this need by offering a healthy snack, which can also be a meal supplement.group_shot_rejoov

Research at Rejoov highlighted that today people between 20-45 years are more health conscious than ever before. Unfortunately, most products that come in the wide ambit of snacks in the market have unbalanced nutrients, or are plain simple sugar syrups. Anu urges all to make the change to healthy snacks: “A small change in your daily diet plan can translate to a big lifestyle change.”
The blend of each Rejoov bottle is carefully formulated to achieve the desired goal. For example: A Hydra Flush flavour is a blend of pineapple, cucumber, beet, carrot, celery, lemon, orange and mint. This drink is for those who tend to feel bloated and also exercise regularly.IMG_20160425_132440

What’s on Offer

Rejoov also has other health ‘tools’ on offer. Those who enrol with Rejoov for a 15 or 30-day plan called ‘Die Hard Rejoov Fan’, get a free consultation with Dr Sood who will design customised sustainable eating habit plans with cold press juices incorporated in them.

The brand also offers a two and three-week snack replacement plan priced
at `3,999 and `7,499 respectively. This package is designed for those who want to replace their morning and evening snack with Rejoov beverages. “In this plan, two bottles of high-calorie juices in the morning and two low-calorie juices are delivered to the person three times a week for four weeks,” explains Dr Anju.IMG_20160425_134926

In the offing: a special Rejoov range for children.

There is no limit to the intake of Rejoov beverages, however, if you are ‘rejoovinating’ two-three times a week, you will notice a positive change

Order: Online at rejoov.in. It is also available in Nature’s Basket, Big Basket and Spar

Cost: `175 for a 100ml bottle

Call: +91 9108517927 for a customised plan

The juices are packed in 100% BPA-free, Sterilised pet bottles


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